Let’s start at the beginning

The beginning. There are lots of stories that I could start with that would be from the beginning. Like the moments we felt like God called us to missions, or when we met, or got married, or went to bible school. But I’ll spare you to long drawn out details since some of you may not be all that interested in that. I do want you to grab a cup of coffee or a cup a tea (which is what I prefer) and enjoy the read. The whole point of this is to build your faith or encourage you to step out. To do that thing that’s been in your heart to do. So let’s carry on with this story.

We just moved. To Oklahoma. Muskogee. Bet you never heard of Muskogee. I never had. There is a famous song about an Okie from Muskogee, so then again, maybe you have. But, yea, so we moved to Muskogee, Oklahoma (in case you didn’t catch that the first three times), and we are from South Louisiana. Big difference, folks. At least it’s still considered the South. They talk with a twang here, which is something I’m used to, and there’s lots of cowboys and Indians. The Native American kind. I would like to find some Indians from India though. Pray for that. All that aside, the real reason we are here in OK is to be trained as missionaries, and for my husband, Stephen, to become a pilot and an airplane mechanic so that we can use aviation as a tool to bring the gospel to unreached places. Its pretty cool.

It all started on a mission trip 9 years ago in the Amazon region of Brazil. Hold on, hold on, I’m not going give you 9 years of details, I just want to say one thing about this experience. Just keep sipping your drink of choice please. It was on this trip that we saw aviation missions in action and God breathed vision into Stephen that only grew as the years went by. We knew we were called to missions but this aviation aspect of missions was new to us. And we liked it. Through those 9 years until now we tried to make this vision a reality. We tried hard. And we spent a lot of money trying to make it happen. A few flight hours here and there just wasn’t cutting it. We looked at a few missions flight schools and thought we had found the one we were going to go to but we just didn’t have the money and we didn’t want to get in debt. For the past three years we have been planning to go to that school in August of each year. If we could only save up enough money to go. Saving is not hard…. if you’re a good saver. But apparently we weren’t because each year we never had enough to go. So this year it was our plan again. But since my mom didn’t want us to move to Washington state, she was feverishly searching for a school that was closer. She found one. Imagine that. Moms always find stuff that you have been looking for for years. So when she told me about Alpha Aviation I really just called the school to appease her. “Sure, Mom, I called the guy and it just wasn’t what we were looking for. Sorry.” That’s  what I thought my response would be. Because I’ve been trying to prove my mom wrong since I was a kid. Ain’t happenin, let’s just face it, she’s Spirit-led.

So I called the guy, Mr. Randy, the founder of Alpha Aviation and really liked our conversation. So we came visit in June. Then we prayed and prayed and prayed and felt like God was saying this was the place. But weren’t 100% sure. Um, this is a big thing here, can you just say yes or no in an audible voice? Or drop us a note? Can I get a sign? So as we were still unsure God had some plans in the making. Late in July we got a card in the mail from a dear friend saying that she really felt like God put it in her heart to give to our flight school. Inside the card was a check. One that was gonna make a move to start flight school possible. That weekend 2 friends at church told us that they were going to start supporting us monthly so that we can go to flight school. It was evident that God was pushing us. It was Him saying, “this is it! Go!” So we made arrangements, had a garage sale, shared our hearts with our friends and family, who were astoundingly all supportive, and moved here at the beginning of September.

I share all this to say, man, we planned, we tried, we prayed, we thought we had great ideas. But in the end, it was all God. When we did it, nothing succeeded. When God did it, everything did. We can honestly say, we did nothing to get us here, it was all out of our hands. For nine years we waited, we planned, we talked about our future, we shared our vision with others. Nine years is a long time to wait for something. Sometimes we thought that it was just a fleeting notion, that we would never do what we said we were gonna do and that everyone would see us as failures. Another one bites the dust. Sometimes in those years I felt like we were just talkers, and that others saw us as just that. In those years a verse has resounded in my heart and I see the evidence of it today. Psalms 16:1 says, “The plans of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the Lord.” I think there is not one verse that is more fitting to our lives right now. We plan, but He has the final say, and it’s His plans that will succeed. And all glory will be His!



3 thoughts on “Let’s start at the beginning

  1. Thanks for sharing your journey w/us. Enjoyed reading it this morning. Encouraged me to believe and trust God when He opens a NEW chapter in our lives. We sure do miss you guys, but excited to see what all the Lord will do through you. Praying God’s best for you. Give Stephen and the kiddos a great big hug f/ us. Hug yourself too. =) Love you, girl. Take care of yourselves. And keep in touch. God bless you.

  2. I Love ya’ll so so much!! I am so Happy AND proud of ya’ll!! I really don’t know so much about you Candace but as for Stephen, He has ALWAYS been the go-getter!!! I am so proud of the man he has become and the family that he has!! Congratulations on your accomplishments! I Love ya’ll with all my heart!!

  3. Love hearing ur voice through this… I miss u already! We’ll b home for thanksgiving and Christmas. Will we see yall. Praying for u and yours every time God brings u to my mind… enjoy living in Gods perfect plan for your life

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