You are not an afterthought

Does our God care about the details? He made stars also…

Gen 1.16
God made two great lights – the greater light to rule over
the day and the lesser light to rule over the night. He made
the stars also.

So our God spoke everything into existence. He created the
biggest light cosmos, some are yet to be discovered out
there. Like Louie Giglio says… We are here on our little cul
de sac in the Milky Way galaxy. He made a perfect
environment and prepared this little place called earth
before he placed us here. The Bible doesn’t mention
anything about God’s experiments; He created them, and it
was good. O yea… and he made stars also. Wait a minute!
So those little bitty lights in the sky that are bigger and
hotter than anything imaginable, that are light years away,
and some don’t even exist anymore… you’re telling me that
they are pretty insignificant in God’s sight…. Yep. That’s
exactly correct my friend. You see, God didn’t send His
only Son to be born of a virgin, live a sinless life, exemplify
what life should be, die as a perfect sacrifice, defeat death
and be raised victorious 3 days later…. for a bunch of stars,
or planets, or galaxies. He did that for YOU and me. As
grandiose as the stars are, God made them also. He didn’t
just make you also. Jeremiah says that He knew you before
you were in your mother’s womb. He knows the number of
hairs on your head. Hebrews says So he is able to save
completely those who come to God through him because he
always lives to intercede for them. So before you start
thinking that your life is insignificant, just remember that
He lives to intercede for you. Out of everything created, YOU
are the most precious to Him and were created with a
purpose that only YOU can fulfill. So find your God-given
purpose, and run this race of life wholeheartedly without
any regrets.

– Stephen

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